5 advantages of merino wool

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Merino Wool before, but have you ever actually thought about the advantages of Merino Wool?

Merino Wool has been available for quite some time, and it's now more popular than ever. This is because it has some unique advantages over other materials. It can help regulate your body temperature, it’s quick-drying, odour-resistant, comfortable, and even eco-friendly.

What is Merino Wool?

Merino Wool is a specific type of wool that only comes from the Merino Sheep. The Merino Sheep can be found in Australia and New Zealand, where they are farmed for their highly sought after wool.

How does Merino Wool Regulate Body Temperature?

Merino wool has the unique ability to regulate your body temperature. It is able to keep you cool in warm conditions and warm in cold conditions. This is incredible versatility makes it the year-round fabric. When it's cold Merino wool absorbs your body moisture and allows them to escape the fabric which keeps you cool. When the temperature drops the fiber absorbs your body's moisture keeping it within the fabric which keeps you warm. This makes Merino wool the perfect choice for base layers. Whether you're skiing or hiking or even just walking around town on a very cold day, Merino wool is a fantastic choice to keep you at a comfortable temperature no matter what you're doing. 

Why Quick-Drying is an Important Quality?

Merino wool naturally wicks moisture away from your body and is able to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture while also retaining its ability to keep you dry, warm and insulated. Merino Wool is a very practical choice too, it dries much quicker than other materials. Simply hang up your wet Merino Wool socks at the end of the day and they’ll be ready to go again in no time.

How is Merino Wool Odor-Resistant? 

Most other synthetic or natural materials usually trap bacteria in their fibers and retain odours. Merino wool does not do this. Because it is quick-drying, Merino Wool greatly reduces the damp conditions needed for odour-causing bacteria, which allows you to remain smelling and looking fresh for longer. The odour particles that do get trapped in the Merino Wool, can be removed by simply hanging it in the open air. This makes Merino Wool gloves, or Merino Wool glove liners, a very smart choice. 

Is Merino Wool itchy?

Traditional wool can be abrasive tough and uncomfortable. It often needs a breaking-in period where it can make our skin very itchy. However, Merino Wool is much finer, lighter, flexible and softer than traditional wool. This means that Merino Wool is not itchy! This means that Merino Wool can is a great option as a next-to-skin layer. Merino Wool leggings and Merino Wool toques are some of the most comfortable leggings and toques that you can find. Merino Wool clothes for babies and kids are becoming increasingly popular too, as Merino Wool is hypoallergenic it can reduce eczema symptoms.

What makes Merino Wool eco-friendly?

While synthetic fibers are made in long, drawn-out, resource-heavy processes, Merino Wool is a natural product. The Merino sheep simply grow the wool, which is sheared twice a year by the farmers, and the sheep return to grazing the land. Merino Wool is grown, rather than manufactured in a lab. As it is a natural product, Merino Wool is ethical as well. When a Merino Wool garment has reached the end of its lifespan, the fiber is completely compostable, while materials made of high-tech plastics will remain for many years to come.