Why a balaclava is a perfect choice for a kids ski mask

Keeping our little ones warm and cozy during winter is very important. Cold temperatures and freezing winds, without the right equipment, can really ruin a day of skiing. In particular, we need to take care of our head and face when on the slopes. We think a balaclava is a great choice for a ski mask for our kids and babies when winter comes. 

They are great a keeping them warm, they can provide much-needed protection against the wind and the KOMBI Canada balaclavas are so functional, they’ll fit any need. So whether your kids are skiing on the mountain, sledding down the hill or just playing in the snow, a balaclava is a fantastic choice for your kids this winter.

Balaclavas keep us warm

Keeping our head covered and protected from the elements is one of the best ways to stay warm during winter. We can lose a lot of our body heat through our heads if they’re left unprotected in the cold. And when one part of us gets cold, the nasty chill can spread throughout our body. A balaclava is a fantastic choice for a kids ski mask, as they keep their head, face, and neck covered. An ultra-soft fleece balaclava from KOMBI Canada keeps babies warm all winter long. Babies love the comforting heavy fleece. Choosing a balaclava that's made from moisture-wicking Active Warm polyester is another smart way to keep your kids snug when playing outside. You kids will love the eye-catching colors and patterns, and you’ll love knowing that they are being protected from the cold. 

Balaclavas protect our skin

Sometimes the coldest part of winter isn’t the plunging temperatures, it’s actually the icy winds on our skin. In some cases, this can even lead to nasty windburn. Balaclavas are a great choice for our kids when skiing as they offer almost complete cover against the wind. With their face, head, and neck covered no icy wind will stop them from enjoying a great day skiing. KOMBI Canada has a range of great balaclavas for both kids and babies and even has a fantastic GORE® WINDSTOPPER® FullClava that is made from a completely windproof material. 

Balaclavas are very functional

KOMBI Canada's balaclavas have some very smart features that make them the perfect choice for your kid’s ski mask. Balaclavas are thin enough that they fit seamlessly with any helmet. The adjustable face band on the DuoClava adds some extra functionality too. Your kids will be able to have extra protection on chilly days, while also being able to slide the face band down to talk with family and friends on the chairlift. A balaclava with a mouth mesh comes in handy when working up a sweat. The mouth mesh allows air to pass out through the balaclava, while also still keeping the skin covered.

These are just some of the great features of balaclavas, and that’s why we think they make the perfect choice for kids ski mask.